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From Paul Knights:

Science Fiction – The Irony of it All

Academically I was pretty awful at high school. At the time I was pretty certain it was due to my own inadequacies. It wasn’t that I didn’t try hard – I did. I just didn’t get it. Especially in Maths and Science.

Back then, you were generally expected to sit down, shut up and work it out for yourself. Then you were called on at the end of class to be humiliated or praised based on your understanding. Students who didn’t get it were thick and those who did were lavishly praised.

The exception, for me, was in English. For some reason, in those five years of high school, I was blessed with the most extraordinarily good English teachers. They asked questions, developed relationships and most of all, listened to their students.

One English teacher gave me the only A I ever got at school. I had just written a science fiction short story which I had to read to the class. And the class even persuaded the teacher to upgrade it to an A+! (See if you can guess which one it is in Intergalactic Highway. And it’s not the obvious one!).

On another occasion an English teacher asked me to meet him in the library at lunch time. I thought I was in trouble. I’d just missed out on passing University Entrance internally. This meant I, along with a few other unfortunates, had to sit the external exams. Those exams were only a few weeks away. It was all very depressing. The English teacher sat me down in the library and outlined a plan with pencil and paper on how to pass the English Exam. It was the only external exam I passed. And I did so with a good grade.

Fast forward to 2018. In between times I got a science degree. I taught high school Physics and Maths for nearly twenty years (and loved it!). I wrote a lot of science fiction short stories. And the nice people at Junction Publishing thought that they would publish some of them in Intergalactic Highway, the first in a series of science fiction anthologies.

Never stop asking questions. No matter how thick they think you are!

Lotsa Love

P.A. Knights


by Paul A. Knights
Thirty-four original sci-fi short stories that will take you on exciting and startling adventures.
* Meet robots, aliens and weird creatures
* Enjoy a Venusian donut and coffee
* Travel to distant stars and galaxies
* Run from a Pantherodonocus
* Play Skuldig with an Olagi
* Fight Space Pirates
* Save the Earth
And discover the secret of the Elradi!
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Rebekah Dodson Newsletter

Hello everyone!

My name is Rebekah Dodson, and I am a coffeeholic and a romance writer. I live in beautiful Southern Oregon, surrounded by forests, lakes, and even a desert – yes, we have an interesting typography! Here’s a glimpse into my backyard, one of the seven wonders of the world, Crater Lake:

I really do live in the Wild West, and this area is steeped in so much of Oregon’s history! But this isn’t my first foray into historical places I’ve lived: my father was in the United States Air Force, so I’ve lived abroad in a few countries, include the United Kingdom. From my formative years spent climbing castle walls and touring the great sites of England and Scotland, I developed a great love of history. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a historian and a hopeless romantic, and I always wanted people to fall in love. I played with stories about Victorian America, Civil War era United States, and even 12th century France. Just about everything I write has a hopeless historian or time traveling hero searching for love. This translated to a career in education, where I can share my passions with others.

 Ever since I started my writing career about 5 years ago, I set out with a mission to write strong women who take what lemons life gives them and turn it into lemonade, so to speak. My characters are all damaged to fault, with struggles and strife that we all face, but they also overcome to odds and emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. They are resilient, amazing, funny, and dynamic. If I had one theme to share with you, it would be kick-ass heroes who won’t let anyone get in the way of carving their own destiny, just like my ancestors did blazing their trail across the American west. And they will do it, too, with a cup of coffee in one hand and determination in their hearts.

 That’s why I’m so proud to release Abby’s Promise to the world on july 24th. Abby is a history professor with a special love for America, so I guess she’s a little bit like me. She’s passionate about history including her own, and the one that got away, or rather left to join the military: Joey Harrison. She can’t let go of how she felt about Joey in high school, and when he comes back into her life, she can’t resist him. They have some history of their own, and this story is all about Abby’s journey not only to fulfil her promises to Joey, but also make some promises of her own about the future.

By the way, this story happened a bit by accident – special love to Sly Fox Cover Designs who posted this cover months ago and inspired this book. Thank you, Lauren, for feeding my writing addiction and breathing life into these characters.

 So what’s coming up in the future? I’m writing some tales of the apocalypse, where characters fall in love despite all their odds, even though the world is ending. Isn’t that was love is, after all? Our world is forever changed when we meet someone we know our soul searched for all long. It doesn’t matter if it happens on a road trip, after the world is destroyed, or in another time and place entirely.

 My corner of the world is altogether strange: I’m a hopeless romantic with a penchant for education, video games, and history, surrounded by a wild world waiting to be explored. You’ll see this come out in my writing, from characters who run from their past to ones who turn and embrace it.

 Like Abby and Joey, don’t let life pass you by, or anyone tell you what your destiny is. Embrace it yourself and change the world around you, one step at a time.




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Rebekah Dodson’s Books
He walked out of my life eight years ago, and for the first couple of years, I wrote him faithfully.

Then life happened, and we lost track of each other. Now he’s back; appearing one day on campus and sweeping me off my feet. He looks the same—rough stubble on his square jaw, broody brown eyes, thick brows that always lifted when I made him laugh. My Jo-Jo has come home after eight years in Afghanistan.

She looks the same as I remember her in high school, but now she’s all woman—sophisticated, educated, and just as curvy as ever. And now she’s a professor, and I’m falling for her all over again like I did at senior prom. War screwed me up, but every day Abby was my saving grace.

She promised one day she’d never let me go, made me promise I’d come back to her. I’ve come back to claim that promise. There’s just one problem: Abby’s moved on. How will I convince the love of my life that a day never went by without her on my mind?

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Jay Raven Newsletter

From Jay Raven:

 It never fails. Whenever people hear I write horror books, they invariably ask: “You frighten people for a living, you know how to put a chill down readers’ spines, understand what secret terrors haunt our dreams. So give us a hint. What scares you?”

They then look expectantly into my face expecting me to say vampires or werewolves, or the thought of  a zombie plague sweeping across the nation. And I must admit I’m tempted to say something like wax works dummies coming to life or sinister Victorian dolls singing creepy nursery rhymes at the dead of night.

Yet the truth is none of these gives me the chills. They are the stuff of other people’s nightmares and while I love writing about them, these supernatural totems don’t make me quiver.

Even ghosts fail to spook me. I’ve lived in a succession of old houses and never heard a moan in the night – maybe I better rephrase that. I’ve never heard a ghostly moan in the night. Or seen a sheet floating down the corridor.

What gives me the heebie jeebies are much more mundane. And top of the list are dogs. I am petrified by canines. Big, small, fluffy, fat, thin, big teeth, little teeth – I can’t see a pooch without swallowing hard and backing swiftly away.

It all dates back to when I was about eight. The housing estate I lived on in Glasgow was plagued by a pack of over-excitable dogs.

One day they cornered me. All I remember is four creatures jumping up, teeth bared, clawing at me. They were as tall as I was and I thought they were going to knock me to the ground and savage me. Luckily, I got away but the terror of terriers has stayed with me ever since.   

The other thing that gives me the shivers is water – not the fizzy stuff in glasses, but big, deep expanses of H2o. Again, when I was about eight, I got big scare at the local swimming pool. I foolishly listened to a friend who told me the best way to learn to swim was to jump in at the deep end. Not surprisingly, I plunged to the bottom like a stone.  

How I managed to get back to the surface and scramble to the side of the pool, I’ll never know. But despite later having proper swimming lessons, I’ve never quite shaken the dread of being out of my depth.

So if I really wanted to scare the life out myself I’d pen a story where a horror writer is thrown into a deep, dark, murky lake – and forced to do the doggy paddle!

A Shakespearean tragedy drenched in pain and brimstone, where innocence is no protection against the servants of Hell.

No female dares spurn the lecherous advances of Sir Henry Cruttendon, 17th Century England’s most reviled nobleman. For to do risks a retribution that would terrify the Devil himself.

But Elizabeth Fiennes is no ordinary woman, blessed with stunning beauty, intelligence and guile. Coming from an influential family, she believes Cruttendon wouldn’t dare make a move against her.

What she doesn’t understand is that the elderly Earl is determined to satisfy his lust at any cost and plans to use the wave of witch trials, fear and superstition sweeping the countryside to force her into his clutches.

And as he springs his malicious trap it triggers a chain of unholy events that will plunge hunter and prey into a maelstrom of deceit, terror and depravity – leaving them both staring into the face of true evil…

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