Tannis Laidlaw

Tannis Laidlawcropped

Dr Tannis Laidlaw has worn many hats in her career as a psychologist: clinician in private practice, in psychiatric bins and in the prison service; medical school lecturer and researcher in schizophrenia, anxiety, psychopathy and other personality disorders, mind-body interactions, and the therapeutic use of hypnosis; research manager; and, of course, academic writer.

She has always been fascinated by the human condition, not only in those with crossed wiring but also when ordinary people are driven to behave in extraordinary ways. Her fiction reflects her psychological background; her non-fiction, her interests as a wife, mother and friend.

Tannis lives with her husband in Auckland, New Zealand but spends time every year at a deserted beach in the north of New Zealand and in an off-grid cabin on a Canadian lake, all places where she writes and writes and writes.

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