Mark Rice

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I was born in Dublin, Ireland and grew up in that city only leaving it when I was 25 when I travelled to London, England to find fame and fortune. I worked there in finance before returning to Ireland some 20 years later. During all those years in London my mother encouraged my writing and corresponded regularly with me. Unfortunately, she’s no longer here to share my excitement but wherever she is, I know she is chuffed to bits for me.

I live now in County Wexford, Ireland with my wife and our rescue dog Buttons. I’m writing every day as I have maintained a daily diary for over 20 years. Partly because I enjoy writing and partly out of fear that I’ll eventually become senile and be left wondering what I did with my life! If I encounter writer’s block I just slip on the runners and take to the country lanes. I return half an hour later with lots of ideas and jot them down as fast as I can, lest I forget them.

People and my own run-away mind provide me with a limitless supply of material and I am embracing with both hands this opportunity to reach a larger audience. Please click here to learn more about my books or visit for my blog posts.

murder on board- FINAL