My name is Marcus Brown and I was born and raised in the North West of England in 1974…read more


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S E Amadis

I could never write about a happy, conventional couple living in a happy, conventional, suburban neighbourhood…read more



Jay Shaw is a New Zealand author, a mum of two teens, and a lover of books. She’s an incurable romantic…read more

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My name’s Netta Newbound. I write thrillers in many different styles — some grittier than others…read more


Susan Tarr has been writing for 25 years, drawing on her international travels…read more



Sandra Rose is the author of light-hearted and useful self-help guides for womenread more


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Wendy Cooper

Hi my name is Wendy Cooper. Growing up surrounded by books was a given…read more


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Zane and Jenna Michaelson

My name is Zane Michaelson. I was born and raised in the North West of England, but moved away to study Law at University, before returning and meeting the woman of my dreams…read more…




Dr Paul G. Anderson M.B.Ch.B/F.R.A.C.S/F.R.C.S (Edin) MA/PhD/Dip Tch
A surgeon and writer living part of the year in Adelaide, South Australia and part of the year in New Zealand. Dr Paul Anderson is a passionate health advocate…Read more